02 May 2022

Service Designer Practitioner – training with accreditation by SDN



We present a training in service design with international certification, which will be conducted by Katarzyna Młynarczyk (Co-founder, Socjomania) together with the most important person in the industryBirgit Mager, president of the Service Design Network, along with Thomas Brandenburg and Lindsay Keithexperts in the areas of service design and digitization of services.

Are you wondering how to enter the service design industry? Or are you a leader of an organization and you want to direct its strategy towards service development? This course together with the Service Design Practitioner certification is intended for anyone who wants to learn the basics of service design – as a starting point for a career in the industry, project support or a basis for selecting service design teams.


Service design is important from both economic as well as from a social point of view. In highly developed countries, over 60% of the national income is based on the service industry, and this trend is growing.

As a result, the competences of service designers are urgently sought after, and the demand for experience in that field will increase in the coming years.

Organizations whose main activity is not based directly on service design, are using service design methodologies more and more, to solve business problems and optimize their processes. Among such companies are Apple, Google, Spotify and Uber.

Katarzyna Młynarczyk Co-founder, Socjomania

Check out the training program below:

(and if you want to learn more, have a look at  https://www.sdn-academy.org/course-2022-05-sdpc)


Setting the Basics! 

  • Why Service Design?  
  • What is Service Design?  
  • Setting up a Service Design Project  
  • Introducing the practical case and building teams! 



  • Project Framing 
  • Input Exploration  
  • Exercise Case 
  • This Session will cover: Personas, Customer Journey, Other Exploration Tools, Theory, Jam Session Exploration 



  • Presentation  
  • Input Ideation 
  • Exercise Case 
  • This Session will cover: Toolbox Creation Part 1, Other Creation Methods, Thinking Outside the box, Jam Session Creation 



  • Presentation 
  • Input Prototyping and Testing  
  • Exercise Case 
  • This Session will cover: Prototyping and Testing, Toolbox Creation Part 2, Storytelling, Preparing Presentation 



  • Presentation 
  • Final Concept  
  • This Session will cover: Presentation of Ideas and Results, Theoretical Input on project Implementation, Practical Examples and project reports, Feedback Session 


Expanding the view!

  • Input Service Design and Business  
  • Input Service Design and Organisational Change 
  • Exercise Case 
  • Input Service Design and Leadership 
  • Wrap up and perspectives for the final step towards practitioner accreditation 


What are the benefits of being accredited by Service Design Network?




The SDN Accredited Service Design Practitioner title confirms the successful completion of an industry-recognized accreditation process and therefore your competence in service design. You can post the certificate on your website, social media, portfolio and any other promotional materials, thus increasing your market value. 



The SDN platform receives over 200,000 visitors a year, 51% of which are new users every day. You can put your best projects and contact details on the SDN profile so that potential clients and employers can contact you easily. Accreditation also opens up access to the publication of case studies and articles on the SDN Community Knowledge platform, which will help you distinguish your achievements in the community. 



The two-year SDN membership includes access to the SDN network, events, and valuable knowledge resources such as the Touchpoint Journal and Case Study Library. 



Virtual meetings organized twice a year allow you to share your experiences and learn from other service designers accredited by SDN. Connection of Service Design practitioners is also facilitated by dedicated channels (Slack, LinkedIn), enabling a constructive exchange of experiences within the community. 




Would you like to learn more about the training and accreditation?

Contact us or see the course details:  https://www.sdn-academy.org/course-2022-05-sdpc.  


 See you there!


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