29 November 2021

Case Studies | Biedronka (Jeronimo Martins)

The Client

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  • Employee advocacy
  • Organizational Culture
Employer branding and consumer branding – these two elements should work together. The overall image they build should be consistent, especially in the social media era.
How to involve employees from interdisciplinary teams? How to build a culture of commitment and internal community? How to introduce new methodologies in creating a coherent vision of action and motivation? We answered these questions in the long-term cooperation with the Biedronka brand. We chose a specific approach and tools using our expertise in digital media and marketing, design thinking, communication, and facilitation.


Biedronka is a massive supermarket chain owned by the Portuguese consortium Jeronimo Martins. The Biedronka brand has a specific set of values, and its strategic goal is to communicate them both as a consumer brand and an employer brand.

The main goal of the cooperation between Socjomania and the Biedronka brand was to create and implement within the organization a dedicated Employee Advocacy (EA) program on Linkedin.


After six months of the program, we can see the visible results of the project, but today I can confidently speak about its success. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the Socjomania Service Design team, I was confident that our program is built in a professional, interesting, engaging manner. And above all, it is measurable both qualitatively and quantitatively. The ultimate indicator is a fruitful relationship with our ambassadors, based on mutual trust and support, which confirms the strength of the Biedronka team.

Marta Śliwińska, Senior Employer Branding Manager, Biedronka



The EA program became part of a complete process, which we implemented in the design thinking methodology. The scope of work included: 

  • building the vision and mission of the organization and the program
  • defining challenges
  • arranging the process 
  • engaging and training change leaders
  • project promotion within the organization
  • preparation of tactics and the necessary support documents
  • scaling activities within the organization. 

The project was supported by ongoing consultancy from the Employee Advocacy project leader in the organization. Essential aspects of the process were the synergy between the product brand and the employer brand, as well as co-creation in the project and the constant development of Biedronka ambassadors.

We have divided the planned activities into selected blocks:

  1. Inspirational: an inspirational lecture in the field of social media and employee involvement in communication for managers and specialists.
  2. Co-creation: strategic workshops with a group of change leaders – ambassadors in the design thinking approach.
  3. Operational: preparation of the back-end – content repository (tutorial and operational guidelines, material database, content database).
  4. Marketing and image: promotion within the organization.
  5. Team building – online training for subsequent people entering the process; development of the employee community that will take over the implementation of the project; periodic monitoring of activities.


The following is specific data from the first study (project start vs. four months in) – the project is currently being continued. Measures – culture/operation of the organization:

  • Comprehensive development of the EA process in Biedronka with regular evaluation
  • A committed group of over 30 ambassadors from various departments and levels influencing the image of the organization on Linkedin
  • Education: increasing brand awareness and promotion of values ​​set in EVP of the Biedronka brand and employer branding strategy among employees, potential clients, and candidates
  • Maintaining the level of involvement of 67% of employees in the project
  • Employee development in the areas of new work methodologies and increasing job satisfaction in the organization
  • Developing a consistent level of knowledge, guidelines, and practices in the form of a Manual and implementing it in everyday communication by project Ambassadors
  • Performance improvement was recorded in 70% of participants thanks to reaching the right target group (more reactions, posts over 100,000 views)

Here’s another take on the project by one of the participants: 

“For me, participation in the WeBiedronka program is, above all, a huge knowledge boots for practical application. Thanks to a series of workshops, we have created an engaged community of Ambassadors that inspire and motivate each other. We all have different perspectives on the company and its activities, and we can exchange our experiences among ourselves and with others on social media”.



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