23 February 2022

Case Studies | Ringier Axel Springer Poland

The Client



  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Service Blueprint


RASP’s Special Projects Department has implemented a new cooperation strategy based entirely on Customer Journey (CJ) management. We have supported the client’s team in expanding their knowledge in mapping client paths, creating sales funnels, and selecting sales products related to the sales funnel. This approach is customer-centric, that is, putting the user and fulfilling their desires first. This, in turn, generates positive experiences, which, in a long-term perspective, will help build a database of the brand’s loyal customers.


Ringer Axel Springer Polska is one of the biggest press publishers and media companies in Poland. We had the opportunity to work with them on several projects. That was, for example, preparing the Employee Advocacy program and training client teams in content and performance marketing, as well as storytelling. Today we would like to come back to our recent successful cooperation.


Working with Socjomania is pure pleasure – full professionalism, excellent expertise, and a holistic approach to customers’ needs.

Izabela Kowalewska, Manager of the Special Projects and Media Patronage Team



The client’s team consisted of over 30 people. Therefore, taking into account the interactivity of the development path and commitment to the workshop form of training, we proposed splitting the team into four training groups. For each group, there were four meetings with Socjomania facilitators:

  1. A “kick-off” meeting with the client’s team – starting a series of group sessions and examining the needs of RASP.
  2. The first theoretical session – focused on organizing and deepening the knowledge of mapping customer paths.
  3. The second session – a practical workshop in which the participants independently mapped their clients’ experiences for selected services.
  4. The third session – consulting and mentoring, individually with each group, during which we gave strategic guidelines for further work on the client’s path and experience.

All meetings were held in a virtual space, which allowed for better communication and project management in a dispersed team. Among other tools, for more interaction, we used Mentimeter and Mural.


As the end result of the workshops, from confronting RASP know-how and Socjomania’s experience, a personalized tool was developed, which is a template for mapping RASP customer experiences. The unique value of the tool is the fact that it::

  • can be used by any RASP employee to map customer journeys,


  • allows to identify the problems/desires of the customer and answer them,
  • allows for the personalization of RASP services according to the client’s needs,
  • facilitates the management of the experience mapping project,
  • contains all KPI-s important for RASP to monitor and optimize the customer journey.

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