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29 October 2021

Customer Journey for the insurance market

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Martyna Żądło
Digital Marketing Lead

Positive customer experiences are worth their weight in gold today, and more and more companies are realizing this. At the same time, the purchasing process of a modern consumer is significantly longer.

Customers today have a lot of interactions before deciding to use your services, and their requirements are constantly increasing. However, they are justifiedmainly due to the opportunities created by new technologies.

Today, insurance can be purchased with a few clicks in the application or on the website.

Are you wondering how to increase Customer Experience in your insurance company? Customer Journey is a great leadfind out here why!

What is Customer Journey?

Customer Journey is often referred to as a universal tool. You can use it to improve the functioning of many aspects of your companyso that those aspects are maximally tailored to the clientsneeds.

Customer Journey is a mapping of all activities that a customer undertakes during their shopping journey. Those activities consist of interactions that the customer enters with your brand, both before deciding to use your services, while using them, as well as after the entire process is completed.

However, it is not just about recreating individual interactions. The key is to analyze all activities in deep, so that they can be optimized, changed or redesigned.

The efficacy of such analysis in improving your company’s processes is supported by research. According to the McKinsey report, companies working on Customer Experience and Customer Journey note:

  • increase of the company’s revenues by 10-15%,
  • 20% increase in customer satisfaction,
  • cost reduction by 15-20%. 

Will Customer Journey work in the insurance industry?

Insurance is a specific industrypeople who buy insurance actually hope to never use it. 

They decide to take advantage of an insurance company’s offer when something important happens in their life i.e. buying a house, having a child or going on a dream trip.

Therefore, it is not surprising that they make the decision to buy a specific insurance after an in-depth analysis. They visit several websites, compare offers, price lists, and read web reviews. Most of the activities take place online, which does not exclude direct contact with the agent.

When the time comes to use insurance, the most important thing is the quality of customer service, including easy and smooth communication with the insurer. 

After using your offer, the customer decides whether he will consider buying your service again and recommend it to others. 

This, of course, is just an exemplary journey of an insurance company’s client. 

What’s important is that each of the steps on the customer’s path may become more efficient, and Customer Journey will help you achieve that goal.

What can you use Customer Journey for in your company?

We have already mentioned that Customer Journey can be used in various ways. You already know what this tool is, and you probably have an idea of how it can help your business – after all, you know your customersneeds best.

And if that’s not the case, here are some inspirations. You can use Customer Journey to:

  • identify underdeveloped aspects of the services offered and then optimize them, 
  • improve Customer Experience at every stage of the purchasing path, 
  • increase the quality of customer service, 
  • improve User Experience on your website or application, 
  • find ideas for the development of products or services, 
  • design a shopping funnel, 
  • plan multi-channel communication with the client, 
  • optimize your costs. 

How to work on Customer Journey and Customer Experience?

Working on optimizing the customer experience is a complex process. In order for it to be successful, you need objective data – both about the needs of your target group representatives and about the activities they take at each stage of the purchasing path. 

It is worth setting a goal for the Customer Journey project. It will help you direct the entire project and measure its effects.

It is also very important to assemble an interdisciplinary team. After all, the customer faces many aspects of your company’s operations, which are influenced by various employees. The more different perspectives, the better.

But let’s get to the point. How to create a Customer Journey Map? Analyze each customer activity in terms of:

  • the need behind it, 
  • channel / touchpoint where it took place, 
  • emotions that this activity evoked in the customer,
  • problems that arose at a given stage,
  • chances to facilitate a given activity,
  • measures that allow you to assess the effectiveness of a given activity. 

Your Map is ready? Then it’s time to draw conclusions and implement changes. 


It’s hard to think of any other industry that can benefit as much from the potential of Customer Journey as insurance. However, you will achieve optimal results if you include the work on customer path optimization in your company’s permanent repertoire of activities.

After all, you are perfectly aware of how quickly the expectations of contemporary consumers change. There are also more and more technological opportunities that you can exploit. To meet all these challenges, regularly analyze your customer journey and implement the necessary improvements.

Good luck!

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