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The knowledge and experience of our team, as well as the human-centred approach focused on the recipient mean we can affect the process of change, adjust the process of service optimisation and adapt to a new situation.

This is the summary of the Service Design methodology, which we use both inside our organisation and when improving our clients’ business processes.

Check out how you could use our help and see the added value you company may derive from Design Thinking.

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Service Design will help you optimise you services and adapt to new market situation


Customers’ needs and requirements are dynamically increasing. This finding was the starting point for the Service Design methodology. Service Design involves a verification of the current operational model of a business, so as to adapt it to the ever-changing market requirements. We amend the operational mode by planning and arranging human resources, infrastructure, communication and material components of a specific service.

Socjomania made its first steps towards service design in 2014, when Katarzyna, our CEO, obtained the Design Thinkers Academy certificate. Since then we’ve been using the Service Design tools and approach in our consulting services.

We combine our knowledge of the digital domain with our business experience and competences of our research team, to come up with solutions that match our clients’ expectations and their business needs related to the process of digital transformation. This is how we effectively guide businesses through the process of service digitalisation.


Service design –

what’s so good about it?


Innovations are often discussed in the context of Service Design. If you want to design services so as to revolutionise your business processes, this is a good place to start.

But innovativeness is not the only and most important purpose of service design. The approach also focuses on optimisation – improving the services you currently offer, so as to match the needs of your clients. You can do it even without resorting to major innovations – although we often introduce them in practice, this is not the ultimate goal of our efforts. Client comes first in service design.

And this is not the only argument for implementing service design in order to improve consumer or user experience. In order to improve a product or service, we perform a series of actions and use a variety of tools. Our efforts are designed to help you understand your target customers and their expectations. This helps optimise not only individual services, but also the entire business.

These are not the only arguments for implementing service design to improve consumer experience or user experience. In order to improve a product or service, we carry out a number of actions, using many tools. All of them make you understand your target group and its expectations better. This has countless benefits not only for individual services, but business in general.

Tools for service design

Service Design is a creative process. This is not to say we rely solely on our presuppositions or assumptions. In order to come up with a top service level and come up to the ever-increasing expectations of our clients, we use a variety of tools, such as:



Before we start improving a service, we need to know who the target user is.


Service Blueprint

We analyse touchpoints and user experience before and after they use the service, as well as in the process.

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Customer Journey Map

We analyse the way the user interacts with the service, so as to identify the areas that require improvement.


Service Business Model Canvas

We use templates to define the current business model of your organisation and then come up with a new one.



We use the methodology that helps us identify the actual goals of your clients.


Futures Mapping

We use efficient methodology for data planning and visualisation, so as to identify and then implement measures necessary to create a perfect service for your organisation.



The process of service design in the spirit of Service Design is a creative endeavor. This does not mean, however, that it is based on our assumptions or presumptions. In order to develop services at a level that will satisfy increasingly demanding customers, we use many tools, and these are:

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