Innovations in business – service strategy in an organisation


We successfully identify gaps in the services offered by an organisation and choose directions for the future business strategy, in order to come up with solutions and help you implement them.

Revision of a business strategy


We take care to analyse your current business strategy, so as to identify those aspects that require improvement. This is how we prepare to optimise your solutions and come up with new products and services – in line with your customers’ needs, market situation and available modern technologies.

Digital research


Based on the knowledge and experience in digital channels, we use innovative methodology known as netnography (ethnographic research online), to analyse data related to user needs and behaviour in the digital community. We make decisions to implement new services based on data obtained from analyses, interviews and other research tools.

Customer Journey Mapping


The expectations of contemporary consumers are ever-changing – and so is the market situation. We are going to analyse all the brand touchpoints, so as to optimise the customer experience and improve your services. This is to find any gaps in the current solutions to see how they can be improved.

Service design and optimisation


Service Design helps us adjust the services to the actual expectations of the target customers. We rely on the key principles of Service Design and use proven tools to come up with solutions that boost the effectiveness of your entire organisation.

Creating user personas


Personas are there to help you understand your customers’ expectations. We are going to analyse the habits, needs, behaviour of your customers, as well as demographic and psychographic issues, so as to design efficient services.

Creating and managing the data strategy in an organisation


In the contemporary business reality there’s no place for ‘maybe’. Our netnography experts and analysts know how to use the available data to design effective services and will implement a range of practices to ensure optimum service management in your organisation.

Building a co-creation strategy


Co-creation is the collaboration of all the stakeholders involved in service provision – including customers and competitors. This approach facilitates creating effective, versatile processes. We are going to come up with effective co-creation practices for your organisation, so as to make the most of your team’s potential.

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