23 October 2021

Case Studies | FUHBP Group – AirFriends brand

The Client



  • Services: E-commerce
  • Service Design
A newly established company or recently appearing brand on the market should be identified with a clear place in the structure of a larger group. For a new brand in the portfolio, it is crucial to define the target experiences among customers and understand the value of the product.
All in the spirit of understanding and co-creating the team which is working every day on the development of the brand. We were invited to join these challenges by the FUHBP Group team.


The AirFriends Group is one of the brands included in the FUHBP Group, which is the market leader and creator of brands such as Obag. The AirFriends brand has a fragrance product in its portfolio that stands out in terms of utility and unconventional design, comparable to Italian designers.



Socjomania proposed a solution based on a process that takes into account the development of strategic directions of change for both the brand and the e-commerce ecosystem. It also took into consideration the knowledge and competencies of the team in various areas.

In the first step, our UX team and Customer Journey & Service Design Leaders audited the www.airfriends.pl website in terms of:

  1. Sales funnel optimization at every stage of the e-store. That means from the home page, Landing Pages, through category and list pages, product cards, cart, checkout, after-sales, and loyalty tactics.
  2. Cart optimization as a critical moment in customer conversion.
  3. Defining loyalty tools.
  4. Building and describing a product identity for a selected target group.
  5. Building an exemplary description for a selected product, based on the user’s needs, using storytelling and the 5xWHY method.


During workshop sessions with the team, challenges for the brand were defined and business knowledge was standardized.

In the next stages, the workshop groups focused on redefining the product. This means giving the product a new, non-obvious meaning, which resulted in the creation and validation of target groups.

Based on their experiences, potential customer paths with the described activities, emotions and problems were defined. An ideological session was conducted for selected ideas, which resulted in innovative solutions that can be implemented on the client’s path and translated into improving their experience.

All possible solutions have been prioritized in relation to the business reality and set in time.


As a final result, a new methodology for the team’s work was implemented. In addition to that, we prepared a report with strategic recommendations and guidelines on how to implement them.

They covered the following scope and answered the following questions:

  1. In what direction should the brand be developed?
  2. In what area should it be repositioned?
  3. What should the customer path look like?
  4. How to shape the reach and sales channels?
  5. What experience should be present in every contact with the client?

In addition, it was presented how to create storytelling for a selected target group. At Socjomania, we focus on practice and implementation, which is why we have proposed an action plan for 3, 6 and 12 months. Specific guidelines were included to be implemented as part of the e-commerce ecosystem (65 in total).

  • How to work in the spirit of co-creation while drawing, combining and using the tools of Design Thinking, Service Design, and Customer Journey Mapping?

For this purpose, a methodological guide was created along with a description of the process, workshop elements and mapping of the team’s current competencies. It also identified places that need to be improved in order to properly use the service design methodology in the organization.

What both parties appreciated in the cooperation was the flexibility and iteration of the use of Design Thinking and Service Design as well as Customer Journey Mapping tools. Depending on the workshop needs, various tools were synthesized with each other in order to achieve the desired result.


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