19 December 2021

Case Studies | Lafarge

The Client



  • Digitization strategy
  • Service design


One of the innovative and sustainable construction solutions leaders faces the challenge of digitizing the organization. Lafarge wants to improve the customer and employee experience, automate processes, create new/redefine old values, and create a digitalization strategy for the organization.
To do so, the company is opening to new strategic methodologies that involve the participation of various parties in the organization.


Lafarge is a French company that offers a wide range of specialized services to facilitate the implementation of construction projects at every investment stage. The company has defined digitization as one of the strategic directions of its activities.


I worked with Socjomania on a business digitization project in the Service Design methodology. My overall impression was that they’re a team of business experts and that I could rely on their expertise, which I gladly did. I appreciate their understanding of business and customer expectations. They proved to be efficient in day-to-day work and responded quickly to changes in the project. All the above translated to the successful development of plans and directions for the organization’s growth.

Monika Pietrzak, Digital Transformation Manager, Lafarge



To reach Lafarge’s business goal, we carried out a digitization project to develop new products, services, and strategic directions for the company.

We proposed and conducted a 6-month process based on audits, workshops, and implementations. We worked on the assessment of digitization areas (internal and external) using such tools as Service (Gaps) Map, Stakeholders Map, Customer + Employee Journey. 

We established a dedicated interdisciplinary team and appointed its leader to make such an implementation successful. We invited the client to participate in the process; Lafarge was co-creating and evaluating solutions and prototypes. 


We instilled the Service Design methodology and Design Thinking approach to the organizational culture. We went through an entire process with the Lafarge team, designating special zones for project implementation and communicating the value of working in the methodology. 

On top of that, we created a report that summarizes the company’s 226 strategic directions, 10 of which have passed to the prototyping and business evaluation phase.


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