Maria Blecharz

Digital Innovation Taitava

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Service designer, industrial designer and innovator. Creates human-centered solutions based on her belief that good design solves real user problems and brings innovations to the market.

Maria analyzes the market for trends and new initiatives, as well as creates and evaluates new business ideas. She identifies service gaps and proposes the direction of service and brand strategy development. In her work, Maria implements methods of innovative thinking and change support.

Designs and conducts quantitative and qualitative research, and also deals with the synthesis of conclusions. Promotes the data-driven approach allowing design intent to be measured against reality. Maria believes that appropriate research allows you to create a holistic user experience, and gives you a chance to develop new opportunities and reduce risks to your project or business.

Maria knows how to bring ideas to life. Working in the R&D laboratory as an industrial designer, she participated in the process of product development from the concept phase to the implementation. Together with a multidisciplinary design team, she created solutions that are now available on store shelves.

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The process of designing services in the spirit of Service Design is a creative undertaking. This does not mean, however, that it is based on our assumptions or assumptions. To develop services at a level that will satisfy more and more demanding customers, we use many tools, including:

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